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buy sell sailboat sailsSailTrader is the best marketplace for sails and sailboats for sale.  Our team passionate about the sailing and getting more people involved in the sport we love.

Our goals are simple:

  1. Make sailing more accessible for everyone to enjoy.
  2. Keep quality sailboats and sails from going to the landfill.
  3. Get gently used sailboats and sails into the hands of new sailors.

How it works

SailTrader is not a broker, warehouse, or consignment shop. We’re a meeting place for sailors and brokers with good used sails to meet buyers looking for exactly what you’re selling. With quality pictures, exact measurements and one-design classifications, buyers and sellers can find each other to make a deal. The seller lists the sail or sailboat, the buyers search for what they need and reach out to the seller. We step out of the way and the buyers and sellers make a deal.

We all this at no cost to buyer or seller. We don’t get in the way or take any commissions or fees on marketplace deals unless you ask us to get involved to get your deal done for you. But you shouldn’t need that with our helpful guides on how to list and sell your sails.

Sails For Sale

Run by sailors for sailors, it’s your new best place to buy used mainsails, headsails, spinnakers and code sails. And if you’re looking to turn your gently used sails into cash to upgrade your sail inventory, SailTrader is the place to start. You’ll find quality used sails from all the majors sailmakers like North Sails, Quantum, Doyle, UK, Evolution, and more.

Sailboats For Sale

While SailTrader originally started as a website to sell sails, the our team quickly realized the need for a website exclusive to buying and sailing sailboats. Our goals remain the same: grow the sport of sailing and keep sailing equipment in the right hands. SailTrader makes it easy to list and sell your new or used sailboat. Also be sure to browse our inventory of sailboats for sale.

By Sailors, for Sailors

Everyone at SailTrader is experienced in racing or cruising, and we’ve all bought and sold sailboats, so we know how boat owners and sailors think and what they need. And beyond the marketplace, we’re bringing our expertise to you with our reviews of sailing gear and how-to advice and tips on our blog. So we’re more than just a sail shop; SailTrader can help you research your next key piece of equipment before you buy.

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