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Used Sails For Sale on SailTrader

Finding and buying a high-quality and affordable used sail is hard. With SailTrader it doesn’t have to be. SailTrader allows you to find used sails from top brands, used racing and cruising sails, and allows you to find sails for your sailboat based on your sail dimensions. 

used spinnaker sailUsed Sails From Top Brands

SailTrader is able to help you find used sails from top brands such as North Sails, Quantum Sails, UK Sailmakers, Doyle Sails, Evolution Sails, Precision Sails, Hood Sails and more. Thanks to our marketplace design, and the ability for anyone to sell their used sail, there is a lot of competition for used sails. This makes it easy for buyers to find a sail at a competitive price they can afford. 

Shop Racing or Cruising Sails

Sailing is a very specific and unique sport/hobby. This can make it difficult to find used racing and cruising sails at an affordable price. Most people who are selling their used sails have difficulty finding their target customer, and people who are shopping for sails have a difficult time finding someone selling exactly what they need. SailTrader is here to alleviate this problem. Our site is specifically designed to make buying and selling sales quicker and easier. Now, sellers can find their target client, and buyers can search for precisely what they need and find it!

Anyone in the sailing community can create an account, meaning our inventory of used racing and cruising sails is constantly changing. And thanks to the design of our marketplace your search is not limited to your immediate area, meaning you can find a used racing or cruising sail from anywhere! Whether you are looking for a used racing sail, or for a used cruising sail, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for on SailTrader. 

Find Sails Based on Dimensions

There are so many different types of sails that searching for a new one can be an overwhelming process. Now, it doesn’t have to be. Simply measure your old sail, type in the sail dimensions, and find a list of used sails that match those dimensions. 

Sail dimensions are specific for every boat and each of them have maximum sail dimensions that cannot be exceeded. In order to properly measure your dimensions you will need to establish the P, E, J, and I of your boat. 

A few terms to help you measure the sails are the luff, the leach/leech, and the foot. The luff is the sail’s forward edge. It is the side attached to the mast. The leach/leech is the back edge of a sail, the one not attached to the mast. And the foot is the bottom edge of a sail.

In addition, it is also helpful to know the location of the head, the tack, and the clew. The head is the top left corner of the sail which attaches to the top of the mast. The tack is the bottom left corner of the sail. And finally the clew, is the bottom right corner of the sail.


If you are looking for a mainsail for sale, you will need to know the P and E dimensions. The “P” measurement (also known as the Luff) is the distance from highest point that the mainsail can be hoisted to the top surface of the boom. The “E” measurement (also known as the foot) is the distance along the boom from the mast to the point on the boom to which the mainsail can be pulled. Occasionally you may also want to measure the Leach/Leech of the mainsail. This is the point from the highest point that the mainsail can be hoisted on the mast, to the furthest point on the boom that the mainsail can be pulled to. Make sure you note the minimum and maximum measurements your boat will allow. 

used headsailsHeadsails

If you are looking for a headsail you will need to know the I and the J measurements. The “I” is the distance down the front of the mast from the halyard to the level of the main deck (the luff), and “J” is the distance along the deck from the tack to the front of the mast. 


A jib is a triangular staysail set in front of the mast. With a jib headsail, the J measurement is typically 80-90% of the I measurement. This is because the foot usually overlaps the mainsail a bit. 


A genoa is a large jib that overlaps the mainsail. Genoas are categorized based on the amount they extend past the mainsail. For instance a 135% genoa has a foot 35% longer than ‘J’ and a 155% genoa has a foot 55% longer.


Finally, we have measurements for spinnakers. You will need to know the I and the J for these sails. “I” is the distance from the highest part of the spinnaker to the deck, and “J” is the length of the spinnaker pole.

Used Sails on SailTrader

Selling and purchasing sails online can be a hassle. You may purchase them and end up with a sail that doesn’t fit, or you can purchase one and end up getting a poor-quality sail. SailTrader takes the guesswork out of purchasing used sails. With our unique marketplace design, we can ensure you get a quality sail at an affordable price. Use SailTrader for all of your used sails purchasing and selling.

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