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A sailboat uses different sails depending on the condition and the angle of the wind to the boat. You have the mainsail that provides the majority of the propulsion. But when you need to sail off the wind, the spinnaker does the job. It is designed for sailing between a reach and downwind. So finding the right spinnaker for sale for your sailboat is important.

The spinnaker usually stands out on the water because of its bright colors. They are also the largest sails on a boat, allowing them to harness more wind then any other type of sail. But because they are made from lighter fabrics, sailors should be wary of when to fly them. Overly windy conditions can lead to catastrophic tears on the sail.

From a storm or or regular wear, eventually you will eventually need to replace your spinnaker with a new one or find another similar used spinnaker for sale. Sometimes, you may want to try other designs to see how they work on your boat. The most cost-efficient way to do that is to buy from the second-hand market.

Platforms like provide you an opportunity to reach out to other like-minded sailors who could have something you need: looking to sell a spinnaker or find a spinnaker for sale. All you have to do is know the size of the you’re looking for, and the find the right size you need.

Finding used spinnaker for sale is a more affordable option compared to getting a new one. However, it is more challenging. You need to know what you are looking for and ask the right questions to find the perfect fit for you. There are several factors to consider in the process. For example, what type of spinnaker are you looking for?

Racing Spinnaker

A racing spinnaker is designed for one purpose: speed. It is a performance sail for sailors who like to compete in races or want faster boat speed. They also help you sail better in downwind conditions, which usually compose about half of a race.
The right racing spinnaker gives you more power to get to maximum speeds on your vessel.

Cruising Spinnaker

Other captains and sailors do not consider speed as the primary performance metric for their sails. Other factors could be more important depending on how you want to sail. For those looking for a durable and reliable spinnaker, a cruising design is best for you.

Whether you want a racing or a cruising spinnaker, the shape is another thing you want to consider.

Symmetric and Asymmetric Spinnakers

The symmetrical spinnaker features the same shape on either side of the center vertical line. The top part attaches to a halyard. The bottom corners are called clews. The windward side, when flying, is known as the tack.

The advantage of a symmetrical spinnaker is stability. You can attach the windward side to a pole to achieve this. However, their biggest advantage comes from the ability to sail at deep angles. Some boats can even sail dead downwind with symmetrical spinnakers.

An asymmetric spinnaker is more triangular compared to a symmetric one. They have three corners, which are:

  • The head which attaches to the halyard
  • The tack which goes to a tackline that goes all the way to the end of a fixed spinnaker pole
  • The clew and lead aft which have sheets on either side of the mast

The two types of spinnakers are built for different situations. Consider how you like to sail to determine which one suits you. Once you know, you can start your search for a new spinnaker.

Start by visiting, where you can choose from a variety of spinnakers for sale from North Sails, Quantum Sails, Doyle Sails, UK Sailmakers, Evolution, Ullman Sails, and more. You can search based on your needs and specifications.

Once connected with a seller, you can ask questions you need to clarify certain things. The platform is easy to use and intuitive. Create an account and find your new spinnaker on  

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