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North Sails For Sale

north sails for sale

When you want to purchase a quality, time-tested, and performance-based sail you turn to North Sails. At SailTrader, we want to ensure that you get a quality sail. That is why we are proud to offer North Sails for sale on our website. From racing sails to cruising sails, SailTrader has any of the North Sails you need. We carry mainsails, headsails, spinnakers, and code sails. Browse our inventory to view all of the North Sails for sale on SailTrader.

North Racing and Cruising Sails

Whether you are an avid racer or just cruising on your day off, North Sails is one of the best options around. Widely regarded as the best brand for technology, performance, and durability, a North Sail sail is sure to exceed all your expectations. 

Interested in a racing sail? North Sails has more national championships and world championships than any other sail manufacturer in the world. With innovative craftsmanship and superior materials, North Sails has cornered the racing industry with their faster, higher-performing sails. 

Just looking for a nice durable sail? North Sails serves more cruising sailors than any other sailmaker in the world. For a lighter, more durable, well-engineered sail that is designed to lengthen the life of your sail, choose a sail from North Sails. 


Mainsails are the main driving force of your boat. Don’t suffer with a cheap mainsail. See what the creators of North Sails have in mind. Their well-engineered sails made from refined materials lead to better furling and flaking, smoother tacking and jibing, and more efficient sail handling and storage. 


Headsails are the second sail responsible for propelling the boat forward. They work with the mainsail to balance the boat and to improve the efficiency of the mainsail. North Sails creates a variety of sails such as jibs and genoas that are sure to provide you with easier tacking and furling. Making sailing upwind more controllable.


When the wind just isn’t cooperating, turn to the North Sail spinnakers we carry. You can achieve a level of speed or comfort that is truly unmatched. All of North Sails spinnakers are designed with you in mind to give you better boat speed and a better riding experience. 

Code Sails

Set between a genoa and a spinnaker, a code sail is a fast, flat, free-flying sail, designed for close reaching angles. North Sails has designed a code sail shaped and combined with Helix luff loaded sail structure. This provides you with unparalleled speed and stability

North Sails Lofts

North Sails is not only known for their superior sails, but they are also known for taking care of their customers. Headquartered in Newport, Rhode Island, North Sails’ lofts are found around the world. No matter where you are located, a North Sail loft is just a short distance away. Whether you are looking to purchase a new sail, get your sail repaired, create a custom sail, or just need a good sail wash, North Sails can get the job done. When you purchase a new North Sail sail, you gain access to a whole world of possibilities.

North Sails for Sale on SailTrader

At SailTrader we believe that quality new or used sails shouldn’t be difficult to purchase or trade. That’s why SailTrader is proud to offer North Sails for sale on our innovative marketplace. Now, with just the press of a button you can find quality sail that meets all of your specific needs. Shop our North Sails inventory today!

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