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Types of Headsails For Sale

SailTrader is the top destination to find new and used headsails for sale online. Get a new headsail quote or browse used headsail private listings. Read more below about the most common headsails found on sailboats today and which one suites your sailing style.

Roller Furling Headsails

The most popular type of headsail for sale on a cruising sailboat is a roller furling jib or genoa. Most modern cruising sailboats use roller-furling headsails as they are easy and safe to operate. The roller-furling system is considered one of the most useful innovations introduced for cruising sailboats over the last 50 years. It combines ease of use and the added safety both for coastal and offshore sailing. The jib is furled around the headstay when not in use, rather than lowered. The sail area of a roller-furling headsail can be reduced simply by rolling it up. It is therefore no longer necessary to carry headsails of the three sizes for different weather conditions.

The roller-furling system allows us to manage the headsail (open, reef, or stow it) from the cockpit rather than from the deck. Hence, it makes it a lot easier to sail the boat shorthanded or use the available crew more productively.

The roller-furling system allows to efficiently control the speed by instantaneously reefing the headsail or instantaneously opening it to accelerate as soon as the conditions change. Such sails normally have a low clew, resulting in poor visibility ahead and to leeward. However, the visibility can be instantaneously improved by reefing the sail, whenever needed.

A lot more cabin space becomes available as it is no longer necessary to store bagged headsails of different sizes.

When buying a new headsail, Sailmakers usually add a panel of UV-resistant material along the leech so that the part of sail that is exposed even when the sail is furled does not deteriorate from the UV.

It is easy to swap a roller-furling headsail for a spinnaker or gennaker (asymmetrical spinnaker). Once the spinnaker is flying, the genoa is rolled up.

Although the roller-furling jibs and genoas are the most popular type of headsail for sale, one needs to be aware of several potential problems that could result in a serious situation, particularly in deteriorating weather conditions. One of the most common is the halyard wrap (when the halyard wraps around the furler foil at the top of the mast as the sail is boing unrolled). It is hard to see this problem from the deck. It is very important to make sure that the system is properly installed. It is also important to make sure that the furling line is at a correct lead-in angle to the drum.

Common Types of Cruising Headsails For Sale

  • Roller furling jib (i.e., a headsail that does not overlap with the mainsail) is frequently used on modern cruising boats in a combination with a larger mainsail. It allows easier tacking and furling; it also makes sailing upwind and lot more comfortable. Jibs, or small triangular foresails with the area of 100% of the foretriangle, are designed to handle winds up to 45 kts.
  • Roller furling genoas, i.e., headsails that overlap the mainsail and have the area of 125 – 155% of the foretriangle, are used in winds up to 30 kts. All-purpose reefing genoas are ideal for the middle of the wind range. They are perfect for downwind sailing in light winds. In strong winds, however, it is better to use a jib, which is also a lot easier to handle.

Racing Headsails

Today’s racing headsails for sale have to be efficient and light, with the maximum upwind performance. The industry is growing fast and keeps offering exciting innovations through the introduction of new materials and technologies such as 3D-modelling.

  • Racing jibs. You will need a racing jib if your races take place in strong winds. The most important requirements for such jibs are maximum strength, low stretch, and minimal weight. A Storm Jib, a small triangular staysail for use in heavy weather, will be mandatory if you are taking part in off-shore racing. Such sails are designed for handling winds of over 45 kts.
  • Racing Genoas are used in moderate winds. As with a racing jib, maximum strength, low stretch and minimal weight are crucial for the racing. Modern racing genoas have several special features that provide maximum speed and pointing.

New Headsails From Top Sailmakers

SailTrader offers you new cruising and racing headsails for sale from the world’s top sailmakers.

North Sails specialize in custom-designed cruising sails, making sure you will get a perfect fit for your boat and sailing type. Their jibs come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles to optimize your sail inventory. SailTrader offers both cruising and racing headsails from North Sails.

Other popular headsail manufacturers include but not limited to Doyle Sails, Quantum Sails, Evolution Sails, UK Sailmakers, Greiner Sails and more.

SailTrader Makes It Easy To Buy A New Headsail

You will find a wide selection of both cruising and racing jibs and genoas on We will help you find a perfect headsail, whether you want to upgrade your existing headsail or improve your sail inventory. SailTrader website is conveniently organized so as to make you feel at home and make choosing your new sails as smooth as possible. All you will need to do is to enter the specifications of a headsail that you are looking for, and you will be offered a selection of sails from leading producers.

Used Headsails For Sale

It can be expensive to buy a new headsail, and you might feel that this expense is not entirely justified, especially if the boat is not frequently used. With SailTrader you have the option of buying a used headsail according to your specifications. Once you have entered the parameters of your search, SailTrader will connect you to the sellers.

Sell Your Used Sails Online

When the time comes list your headsail for sale and upgrade, or you want to purchase another one that best suits your current sailing objectives. On SailTrader, it is easy to sell your used headsail through our site and put the money towards buying a new one.

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