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UK Sailmakers

Searching for a high-performing sail that you can rely on? Look no further than UK Sailmaker. At SailTrader we uphold our sellers to a high standard, that is why UK Sailmakers have made the cut. You can find UK Sailmaker sails for sale on SailTrader. 

Racing and Cruising Sails

UK Sailmaker is always on top of the latest technology, developing complex sail structures and testing them on computer modeling programs. This developmental process allows them to offer you a combination of sails that will provide you with the best performance. Taking advantage of and creating the ultimate blend of speed and balance, and providing you with less drag. Whether you are racing or cruising, UK Sailmaker is a great company to turn to for your sail needs. 


Their cruising sails are designed to improve performance, retain their shape, maintain durability while still remaining an affordable option. Their racing sails are some of the fastest available on the market. Find both racing and cruising UK Sailmaker sails for sale on SailTrader.


The cruising mainsails by UK Sailmaker are offered in a variety of materials and configurations. Options include their Double Taffeta Titanium mainsails which are designed to provide you with a strong and durable sail. They also carry an X-drive design in Carbon, Endure, and Silver configurations—all meant to increase performance without sacrificing durability and affordability. They also carry radial, cross-cut, and dacron mainsails that boast of similar advantages. 


Their racing mainsails are some of the fastest available. You can choose between their Uni-Titanium, Titanium, X-drive, radial, or cross-cut laminate designs. All these designs are meant to increase speed. In fact, racers have claimed their upwind target speeds have increased drastically when compared to their previous sails.


UK Sailmaker also offers Genoas that are designed specifically for your racing or cruising needs. Their racing genoas are known to maintain their shape, increase durability, and eliminate seam loads, all while still being affordable. Their cruising headsails are no different. All of the UK Sailmaker genoa options are perfect for racing and cruising sailors. 


For a high-performing downwind cruising sail, turn to UK Sailmaker’s asymmetrical spinnaker. This sail is optimized for reaching and broad reaching winds, providing you with speed even in the lowest of wind speeds. For racing spinnakers you are given a variety of options. You can choose from asymmetrical and symmetrical configurations, as well as light wind reaching, medium air running, medium air reaching, medium air running, and heavy air spinnakers. Each of these options is available in the configuration and air combination that you need. 

Code Sails

The cruising code zero sail designed by UK Sailmaker is a flat reaching spinnaker designed for close reaching in light air. This sail design is especially valuable for modern cruising boats with non-overlapping genoas. The racing code zero sail is a perfect example of a light air asymmetrical reaching sail that meets the minimum definition of a spinnaker. Take advantage of the lightest winds available with this racing sail from UK Sailmaker.

UK Sailmaker for Sale on SailTrader

UK Sailmaker is one of the best sailmakers available. They create durable, fast, and high-performing sails that meet any of your racing or cruising needs. Now, with the help of SailTrader, a UK Sailmaker sail is just a short click away. With SailTrader’s innovative marketplace design you can find, sell, and trade high-quality sails quickly and easily. What are you waiting for? Check out our inventory of UK Sailmaker sails today.

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