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New Sails

Have you been looking for a new or custom sail for your sailboat? Look no further! You can find a new or custom sail on SailTrader. The SailTrader marketplace allows you to browse top brands such as North Sails, order a custom sail based on your dimensions, or find the specific sail that you have been looking for. 

Top Brands

SailTrader is proud to offer new sails from top brands such as North Sails in our sail marketplace. North Sails is the trusted choice for racing and cruising sailors. With over 60 years of experience, North Sails has pioneered the way we view sails today. This trusted brand creates quality sails for racing and cruising boats and is always innovating new sail technology to bring you the best in craftsmanship. You can never go wrong with a new sail from North Sails. 

Custom Quotes

At SailTrader we go above and beyond for our customers. That is why you can get a custom sail quote for new sails based on the dimensions you need. In our experience sail enthusiasts are always looking for the best for their boat. We wanted to be able to offer our customers a unique customization process that allows you to get a quote on the sail of your dreams. Send us your dimensions, and other specifications and we will create your custom sail for you. 

Browse by Sail Type

Just looking to get a feel for what is out there? You can browse our new sails marketplace by specific sail types. 


Mainsails are the principal sail on a sailboat. They are set on the aft side of the boat toward the stern. They are one of the main sails that propel the boat forward. 


Headsails are the smaller sails that are attached to the mast and extend toward the fore side (bow) of the boat. They are the second sail responsible for propelling the boat forward but they work with the mainsail to balance the boat and to improve the efficiency of the mainsail. Depending on your boat specifications, and what type of sailing you are doing, headsails come in a variety of different styles. The two main styles are jibs and genoas. 


A jib is a triangular staysail set in front of the mast. The jib gives control over the bow of the ship, making it easier to maneuver the ship and gives the ship more speed.


A genoa is a large jib that overlaps the mainsail. They are used to increase speed in light and moderate winds. Genoas are categorized based on the amount they extend past the mainsail. For instance a 135% genoa has a foot 35% longer than ‘J’ and a 155% genoa has a foot 55% longer.


A spinnaker is a type of downwind sail that has a large area that is used to propel the boat forward in very light winds. The spinnaker fills with wind and balloons out in front of the boat when used. Spinnakers require specific mounting gear to attach them to the boat properly.

Code Sails

Set between a genoa and a spinnaker a code sail is a fast, flat, free-flying sail, designed for close reaching angles. Originally created to qualify as a spinnaker as a racing sail, code sails have become their own category of sails in recent years. These sails include Code Zero sails, Code 65, and Code 55. They fill in the gap between the headsail and the mainsail. 


The Gennaker is a cross between the genoa and the spinnaker. It does not cover as large of a surface area meaning it does not work as well as a spinnaker. However, it does not require a separate mounting pole, meaning it can be added on in addition to a headsail and a mainsail. Providing a little extra speed and movement. 

New Sails on SailTrader

Whether you are looking for a new sail from top brands like North Sails, searching for a new racing or cruising sail, or searching for a specific type of sail, SailTrader has it all. With our unique marketplace design, we make it easy for you to purchase sails that meet all of your needs in a quick and easy fashion. Now, thanks to SailTrader, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a poor quality sail, paying more for a sail than it is worth, or purchasing a sail that doesn’t fit your boat. With SailTrader, you can purchase a new sail with the confidence that it will meet all of your expectations.

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