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North Sails Roller Furling Genoa Sail Options Explained

North Sails Roller Furling Genoa Sail Options Explained

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North Sails’ new Roller Furling Genoas represent the epitome of sailmaking innovation and performance. Meticulously designed and crafted with precision, these genoas offer sailors unparalleled control and efficiency on the water. Equipped with webbing head and tack loops for effortless hoisting and furling, stainless steel clew rings for robust connections, and adjustable leech and foot cords for precise sail shaping. The exclusive teardrop corner reinforcements enhance durability, while heavy-weight luff tape ensures seamless furling. Stanchion patches safeguard against wear, and yarn steering telltales optimize sail trim. With a convenient drawstring sail bag, North Sails’ Roller Furling Genoas are a testament to their commitment to providing sailors with top-notch performance and reliability.

List of New North Sails Roller Furling Genoa Options

When getting a quote for a new roller furling genoa from North Sails, here are the list of options to choose from:

Webbing Head and Tack Loops

The Roller Furling Genoa from North Sails boasts the convenience of webbing head and tack loops, strategically placed at the sail’s top and bottom edges. These robust loops offer secure attachment points for easy hoisting and furling of the sail. The webbing material ensures longevity and reliable performance, enabling smooth adjustments to the sail area based on changing wind conditions. Sailors can confidently raise and lower the genoa with ease, providing effortless sail control for enhanced maneuverability and efficiency on the water.

new north sails roller furling genoaStainless Steel Clew Ring

Positioned at the sail’s trailing edge, the Roller Furling Genoa is equipped with a durable stainless steel clew ring. This feature not only ensures a sturdy connection to the furling system or sheet but also enhances overall sail integrity. The stainless steel construction guarantees exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for prolonged exposure to the elements. With this robust clew ring, sailors can confidently manage the sail’s shape and trim, optimizing performance and responsiveness during various sailing conditions.

Adjustable Leech and Foot Cords

The Roller Furling Genoa comes equipped with adjustable leech and foot cords, offering sailors unparalleled control over sail shape and performance. Located along the trailing edge (leech) and bottom edge (foot) of the genoa, these cords enable precise tuning to match prevailing wind conditions. By fine-tuning the leech and foot tension, sailors can optimize aerodynamics and power delivery, ensuring a balanced and efficient sailing experience across a range of wind speeds.

Exclusive Teardrop Corner Reinforcements

Setting new standards in durability and longevity, the Roller Furling Genoa features exclusive teardrop corner reinforcements. Strategically placed at the corners of the sail, these reinforcements distribute stress evenly, effectively reducing wear and tear in high-stress areas. By reinforcing the sail’s vulnerable points, North Sails has enhanced the overall strength and performance of the genoa, ensuring it remains in top-notch condition through countless voyages and challenging conditions.

Heavy Weight Luff Tape

The Roller Furling Genoa incorporates a heavy-weight luff tape, positioned along the leading edge of the sail. This luff tape is designed for seamless and secure attachment to the furling system, allowing smooth hoisting and furling of the sail. The heavy-duty construction ensures a reliable and long-lasting connection, reducing the risk of snags or damage during deployment or storage. Sailors can confidently rely on this feature to simplify sail handling and enhance overall sailing efficiency.

Stanchion Patches

Recognizing the importance of sail protection, North Sails has included stanchion patches in the Roller Furling Genoa’s design. These reinforced patches are strategically placed to guard against chafing and potential damage from stanchions and other rigging elements. By providing an additional layer of protection in high-friction areas, the sail’s longevity is extended, and potential points of failure are mitigated, ensuring a dependable and long-lasting genoa for sailors to enjoy for years to come.

Yarn Steering (Luff) Telltales

The Roller Furling Genoa is equipped with yarn steering telltales along its luff (leading edge). These small pieces of yarn provide real-time wind flow feedback, helping sailors optimize sail trim for improved performance and pointing ability. By paying attention to the telltales, sailors can ensure the sail is correctly adjusted to harness the wind’s power effectively. This feature empowers sailors to make precise and timely adjustments, whether they are aiming to outperform competitors on the racecourse or achieve optimal efficiency during a leisurely cruise.

Drawstring Sail Bag

The Roller Furling Genoa comes with a drawstring sail bag, designed to simplify sail storage and protection. After use, sailors can easily stow the genoa in the sail bag, keeping it clean and shielded from potential damage during storage or transportation. The drawstring closure ensures a snug fit, preventing the sail from unravelling or getting tangled. By providing this practical and durable sail bag, North Sails demonstrates their commitment to ensuring that every aspect of the sailing experience, including storage and maintenance, is streamlined and effortless for sailors.

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