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Sail Consignment: Is it Worth it?

Sail Consignment: Is it Worth it?

Sailing is a fun sport that lets you enjoy the great outdoors in a new way. It is rewarding because it requires you to be an active participant, unlike other types of boating. You become part of the boat as you navigate the waters.

Eventually, you get to know your vessel enough to decide on changing things. Whether for aesthetic purposes or performance, upgrades are part of the sport. One example is changing your sails. Doing so allows you to improve overall performance and efficiency.

But what do you do with your old sails after replacing them? While you have several options, you can sell them through sail consignment if the sails are still in good working condition rather than let them gather dust in your garage.

What Is Sail Consignment?

Your best chance to sell your old sails is to get them in front of other sailors. Where do you find them? The most ideal is in sailing and boat shops.

Most shops offer a sail consignment deal with sailors looking to sell off their old sails. That means the store will handle everything on your behalf to get the item sold. They measure the sails, offer them to customers, and get them fitted. All you have to do is drop the item off in their store.

The store will evaluate your old sail to determine a price. You will get around 50% of the sale. The deal would vary with the store you are dealing with. It is a good idea to look around first to find terms that are acceptable for you.

Types of Sail You Can Sell on Consignment

You can generally sell all types of sails. These include mainsails, jibs, spinnakers, headsails, and specialty sails.

The main factor is they are still seaworthy. Sails do not last forever, with an average lifespan of around eight years more or less depending on the use. You can check for signs of wear and tear to determine that. Another way is to check the type of material and how long it was used.

sail-consignmentBest Way to Sell Your Sail on Consignment

A sail consignment is convenient if you want to get rid of old sails quickly. All you have to do is give the item to the store and they will do the rest. The hardest part with consignment is finding the right store to work with. You want someone you are comfortable with and who offers you the best terms. That can mean selling the item fast or getting as much as possible, depending on your wants. Ask different shops about their consignment policies to get a good idea of where to consign your sails.

You do not have to stay within your local area. Some stores offer to handle the logistics of getting your sail to them.

Consider Selling Your Sails Yourself

While consignment is convenient, it does take a good chunk of the sale proceeds. Most consignment stores will charge a hefty fee in exchange for taking on the process of selling the sail. If you’re not in a rush to sell your sail, you should consider selling your sails yourself. This will allow you to get the most cash possible out of your used sails. While trying to sell the sails on your own may sounds challenging, makes it easy. is a platform for sailors to sell their used sails online. We match those who are selling with sailors who are buying based on the item’s specifications. If you have a sail to list, you can create a free account and post your sail right away. SailTrader doesn’t take a portion of your proceeds, which means you’ll get the biggest return out of your sail without a huge hassle of trying to market it on social media. List your sail today on SailTrader and skip the sail consignment fees.

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