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Sail Trade-In

Trade Your Old Sails Into New

That pile of sails cluttering your attic, garage or storage space? Racing with a new suit of sails every year fills that space fast. Why not make something of those sails you’re not using, and trade in your used sails for $$$ by selling them on And then you’ve got more money for new sails!

Access a Market of Used Sail Buyers

All over the world, boat owners are looking for deals on lightly used sails for club and regional events, local fleet races, and practice days. And you have good money in the sails they want. So it’s time to get some of that cash back for new sails. is your gateway to these buyers. 

List your sails here, and buyers get a precise picture of the quality and condition of your sails, all their measurements, and everything they need to know to make a deal. They can search by one design class, sail type, or measurements to get to your sails.


How Sail Trade-In Works

Here’s the beauty of it – you get every dollar you make back from your old inventory. We don’t take a commission or a fee, and we don’t add any costs to cut into your profits. Your buyer gets a better price with no markups, and you put more money in your pocket.

All you need to do is upload your sail pictures, dimensions, and information, then message any interested buyers. We put your sails in front of them and let the two of you talk without us in the way.

If you need help, we can even create your listings for you. Send us your measurements and photos, and we’ll have your sails on the market in no time.

Get Started Trading In Your Sails

To get started, just create an account on, take a few good photos of your sails, and get their measurements. It’s easy to make a listing, and you’re ready to trade those old sails in for next year’s new suit.

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