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Sailboats For Sale Illinois

sailboats for sale illinois

New and Used Sailboats For Sale

In Chicago and throughout Illinois, sailing is a fun summer activity the entire family can enjoy. Lake Michigan is a top destination for sailors even hosting the Chicago to Mackinaw Race which is the worlds longest freshwater race. When near the Illinois shoreline you’re sure to see sailboats on the water or at the local marina.

SailTrader is here to help you find the right new or used sailboat for sale in Illinois. Choose from racing or cruising sailboats. Whatever way you want to enjoy the water, SailTrader can help you connect to other sailors selling their used sailboats and equipment. Browse sailboat listing above or read more about why SailTrader is a top choice for Illinois sailors.

Cruising Sailboats

Cruising sailboats are a popular choice for many sailors looking to get on the water with friends and family. For some sailors this means either an afternoon sail or a multi-day adventure. No matter what you’re sailing agenda is, you’re sure to find a variety cruising sailboats for sale in Illinois on SailTrader. Browse sailboats from popular cruising brands like Hunter, Catalina, Beneteau, Jenneau, Swan, Cal, Tarten, Pearson and more.

used sailboats for sale illinoisRacing Sailboats

Sailboat racing is a fun activity for many area residents. Local racing can often be found at local shoreside parks. Most areas with well-established racing are often organized by a club or organization. Different areas and bodies of water often determine what racing sailboats are suitable in Illinois. So finding the right racing sailboat for sale in Illinois is important to fit in the your local racing fleet. Popular racing sailboat brands are J-Boats, Tartan Yachts, C&C, Melges and more. Be sure to check out your local racing prior to looking for your next racing sailboat.

One Design Sailboats

One Design sailboats can often provide the best chance to learn and improve your racing skills. It’s common to find one design racing sailboats near larger bodies of water. Search sailboats for sale in Illinois from popular one design classes like the J24, J70, Tarten Ten, J105, J111, Melges 24 and more.


Dinghy’s are a often preferred due to the convenience and low maintenance costs. There are different classes that can offer a range of benefits and regattas. Browse dinghy’s for sale in Illinois like Thistles, Lightnings, Flying Scots, Scows, Optimists, 420’s, Lasers, VX Ones and more. Dinghy’s are also a popular choice in areas of Illinois that have small bodies of water. For racers, the cost of new sails for a dinghy are far less then a large racing sailboat. Search SailTrader for your next dinghy sailboat. 

Catamarans and Trimarans

Both catamarans and trimarans can be a great choice no matter if you’re a racer or cruiser. Racing multihulls are fast and light while cruising catamarans are wide and comfortable. SailTrader makes it easy to find the right catamaran or trimaran sailboat for sale in Illinois. We cater exclusively to sailors so you’ll find the latest and most recent sailboats available.

The Sailor's Choice For Sailboats For Sale in Illinois

SailTrader is exclusively designed to makes it easy for dealers and to privately sell a sailboat. Browse local Illinois sailboat listings above or search sailboat listings nationwide.

sailboat for sale in illinois

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