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Tips to Sell Your Sails Faster

Tips to Sell Your Sails Faster

Finding a buyer for your used sail can be a challenge. There are so many people looking for sails, but how are they going to find yours? SailTrader is the ideal marketplace for sailors looking to buy or sell used sails. However, it is up to you to find the potential buyer. Don’t worry though, SailTrader will make it easy by giving you tips for selling your sails faster. 

Tip 1: Details, Details, Details

Think about yourself as a potential buyer when you are creating the listing. What would you want to know about this sail? The more details you include the more likely people will be able to find exactly what they are looking for. Picture this, you have a potential buyer but you forgot to put the length of the sail in the listing. Now, the buyer backs out because he needs a longer sail! You don’t want to get stuck in a situation like that, so you want to provide the buyer with as much information as you can. This can include things such as the sail maker, sail type, year, boat type, and condition. Thanks to the SailTrader search feature, buyer can go in, do a keyword search for what they want, and are shown a list of sails that meet their criteria. When you list as many details as you can, your sail is more likely to show up in their search. 

Tip 2: Take Photos!

Humans are very visual, they are not going to want to buy something if they can’t see it. Make sure you take as many photos as you can—close-up photos, action photos, front, back, side, damage, stains, etc. The buyer wants to be able to imagine the sail in use, which is why we recommend including pictures of the sail on a boat. You should also make sure you take photos of any damage (small rips, tears, and stains) so that the buyer does not feel like they are being scammed. A listing can never have too many photos. 

Tip 3: Upload a Video

Know what is even better than a bunch of photos? Moving photos! Also known as videos. In contrast to the photos, a video shows the sail in use in live time. Now, the buyer can see the sail in use as though they are actually seeing the sail in front of them. This gives them that extra bit of confidence to go ahead and press the purchase button. 

Tip 4: Respond Quickly

Thanks to the SailTrader marketplace, sails are constantly being added and sold at a fast pace. You don’t want to lose out on a sale by not responding quickly enough. Imagine if you were in their shoes, when you send a message about buying something, you want to receive an answer within the same day. After a few days go by you probably are starting to feel frustrated, after a week you are beginning to lose hope, after multiple weeks you are already moving on to the next thing. Buyers want to be able to purchase and receive their sail in a timely fashion, so make sure you are checking your messages and inquiries as quickly as you can. Otherwise, they may move on to another seller who is answering quicker. 

Tip 5: Use SailTrader

If you aren’t already using SailTrader, now is your time to start. SailTrader is the premier marketplace for sailors around the world. SailTrader is specifically designed for sailors to purchase used or new sails, boats, and parts. Thanks to SailTrader, your sail can easily be listed, found by fellow sailors, and sold for top dollar. The marketplace is easy to navigate and search—making the sale process much quicker and efficient. 

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