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how to tune your sailboat rig
Sailing Education

How To Tune Your Sailboat Rig

Table of Contents Sailing, with its perfect balance of adventure and tranquility, has enchanted mariners for centuries. Whether you’re cruising coastal waters or vying for

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sell used sail tips
Sell Your Sails

Tips For Selling Used Sails

Selling used sails online can be a great way to recoup some of your investment and provide other sailors with affordable options. Here are some

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steps to buying sailboat
Used Sailboats

Steps To Buying A Sailboat

Buying a sailboat can be an exciting adventure. Here are some general steps to buying a sailboat to guide you through the process: Determine your

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is 60 too old to start sailing
Sailing Reviews

Is 60 Too Old to Start Sailing?

In September 2019, British sailor Jeanne Socrates set the record for the oldest nonstop circumnavigator of any gender. She completed this trip in under a

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sailing for beginners
Sailing Education

Sailing For Beginners

So you want to learn more about sailing. Maybe you’re back from a vacation by the sea where you saw catamarans in the horizon. Or

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sailboat registration maine
Sailing Education

Sailboat Registration in Maine

Sailors are responsible for knowing and abiding by the maritime laws applicable to them and their vessels. Whether new or experienced in sailing, you have

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