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New Code Sails

Find new code sails for sale with ease at SailTrader. You can find a vast selection of code sails, including options from your favorite brands.

New Code Zero Sails

Some of the most popular code sails are code zeros, which we have a wide variety to choose from. These were the first code sails and are especially popular in racing. If you don’t remember, the first code zero sails were designed to classify as spinnakers by meeting the criteria of the mid-girth being 75% of the foot length. The term “code zero” was first coined by Volvo Ocean Racers and has spread over the years.

Now, code sails include much more than just code zero.

Cruising Code Sails

Code sails are especially popular for cruising. Using a cruising code sail or a gennaker can deliver a better experience when you are reaching in a lighter wind. Conveniently, cruising sails don’t have to meet strict classifications like racing sails, giving you more freedom to choose the code sail you prefer.

Most cruising boats feature very narrow top sections on their jibs. This means that if you reach with a jib and main, you will feel underpowered. But you can overcome this with a code sail. Since you don’t need a code zero to fit racing restrictions, cruising will commonly use a code 65 or code 55 sail.

Code 65 sails tend to be a better fit if you sail in stronger winds with deeper angles. Code 55 sails are a better choice if you sail in light air with high angles. Cruising code sails can also be available in a variety of material types.

Why Cruising Code Sails Are So Popular?

For many cruising sailors, the code zero almost acts as a turbo for their boat. It is also incredibly easy to furl, hoist, and drop.

It is also incredibly versatile, as you can use code sails in nearly any angle, whether upwind or downwind. Code zero sails can give you more sail area downwind when you are in a breeze, especially when compared to a mainsail and small jib. This makes them a good alternative to an asymmetric spinnaker, which can be a handling challenge.

And cruising code zero sails are shaped to let you sail just 10 to 15 degrees less than the upwind heading while in light winds. Simply put, the large sail moves your boat without you having to start the engine and deal with its noise.

Racing Code Sails

Code sails also remain incredibly popular in racing. Choosing a code sail can give you a competitive edge in your next race, especially if you select the right shape.

Code Zero

As mentioned, code zero sails are designed so that they are spinnakers. As such, their mid-girth is a minimum of 75% of the foot length.

Code zeros are particularly popular for racing because the most popular rating rules, including IRC and ORC, classify it as a downwind sale. This means that you won’t get a penalty for the additional mid-girth.

Code 55

With a code 55 sail, the ratio between the foot and mid-girth is about 55%. If the sail’s foot is 10 meters, the mid-girth will be around 5.5 meters. Code 55 sails come in a variety of sizes as long as that ratio remains the same.

Code 55 sails, as well as code 65 sails, can sometimes be worth it in racing. This is especially true if you frequently sail tight reaches while in light breezes. In those situations, the additional speed and other benefits of the code sail may more than make up for the penalty rating you receive.

Code 65

Code 65 sails are similar to code 55 sails, but the ratio is 65%. So, if a code 65 sail has a 10-meter foot, the mid-girth would be 6.5 meters.

New Code Sails From Top Sailmakers

When you get headsails or code zero sails on SailTrader, you will have your choice of top sailmakers. You can find options from North Sails, Quantum Sails, Doyle Sails, UK Sailmakers, Ullman Sails, and more.

All these brands are popular for good reason. They make capable, high-quality sails that improve your performance.

SailTrader Makes It Easy to Shop for a New Code Sail

Shopping for a new code sail is incredibly easy with SailTrader. You can browse our listings or use the search tool. For every listing, you can see details of the code sail, including its dimensions and type of material. You will also see photos to confirm that the description is accurate and that the sail is new.

If You Don’t Want a Brand-new Code Sail, Get a Used Mainsail That Is New to You
Sometimes, you may not want a brand-new code sail. If you want to save some money, you have the option of getting a used one. Or perhaps you prefer to buy used items as a way towards sustainability or simply want to choose from code sails that are no longer in production.

No matter the reason, you can use SailTrader to get a used mainsail that is new to you. The process of finding a new-to-you code sail is just as easy as finding a brand new one. Sometimes, there are even more options available.

Sell Your Used Code Sail on SailTrader and Get Extra Money to Put Toward a New Code Sail

In addition to buying a code sail on SailTrader, you can also sell your current one. The process of listing a code sail on the website is incredibly easy and straightforward. Best of all, you can put the money from selling your current code sail toward buying a new one, thereby increasing your budget.

When you are ready to buy a new code sail or upgrade your current one, browse the code sails for sale on SailTrader. Our vast selection of sails will enable you to find one that works for your boat and needs, whether you plan on racing or cruising.

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