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Selling on Consignment vs. Selling Your Sails Yourself

Selling on Consignment vs. Selling Your Sails Yourself

Many sailors have sails lying around the garage that are no longer in use. If you’re one of them, you have options that don’t involve letting them collect dust for years until they break down naturally. You can sell your sails online through consignment or by selling your sails yourself.

Replacing a Used Sail

A sailor can have several reasons for replacing a sail on their boat. The first is that the sail has run its course and is no longer fit for sailing. The life span of a sail depends on several things including: the material quality, amount of use, and the care it receives. As a general rule, most sailors should replace their sails every 5-10 years.

Another common reason to replace sails is that the sailor has decided they deserve a newer, higher quality product to improve the performance and safety of the sailboat.

The question now is: What options are available for getting rid of the old sail?

Donate the Sail

You can donate the sail if it is no longer in working condition. Some organizations repurpose the material for something else, like making tote bags.

Throw the Sail Away

You can throw them away, which is a terrible choice because it can affect the environment. It can add to the ever-growing trash problem.

Sell Your Used Sails

The best-case scenario is to sell your old sails. It has so many advantages like:

  1. It does not take up space on your property.
  2. It does not pollute the environment.
  3. You get to help other sailors looking for a more affordable sail compared to buying new ones.
  4. You make money.

There are two main ways you can sell your sail, either on consignment or by selling your sails yourself.

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Selling Sails on Consignment

A consignment is when you arrange with a store or business to sell your item on your behalf. They will take the sail and make it available to their customers. They will do everything for you and the buyer, including:

  • Evaluating the item and putting a price tag
  • Work with potential buyers to measure their requirements and determine if your sail is fit for their needs
  • Promote your sail

You will then get a percentage of the sale. The number depends on the shop, but you can expect around half the selling price.

Selling Your Sails Yourself

The other option is selling your sails yourself. If you know how to measure and provide the information needed by other sailors, this is a more profitable option because you get the full sale price.

Start by determining the value of your item. You can do this by comparing similar items and checking the market. List down the measurements and other details so you are ready to present them to potential buyers. The last step is to get it out there.

You have several options to use for selling your sails yourself. You can talk to people you know or post it on online classified ads like Craigslist. Social media can be useful, too, like the Facebook marketplace. However, it can take a while for the post to get to the right buyer, which can get frustrating.

That is the problem SailTrader is looking to address by creating a specific marketplace for sailors. It is a website dedicated to buying and selling used sails. The site was built and run by fellow sailors. It is a fast and easy way to connect with other sailors.

List Your Sails on SailTrader

It is free to list an item. You start by creating an online account on the website. Once ready, follow the step-by-step guide on putting your item up. That includes taking photos of the item and completing the description. Then, all you have to do is wait for a buyer, which should not take long.

If you have used sails you no longer need, SailTrader is your best option to sell your sails yourself quickly and efficiently.

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